What is Criminal Law?

What is Criminal Law?


Criminal law is relevant if you have committed an act that is liable to criminal punishment, ranging from traffic offences to murder. The prosecution must prove that the accused committed the physical act with a particular mental state, the elements of which vary according to the offence. You may choose to submit a plea of guilty, which in normal circumstances may grant you a ⅓ penalty deduction, or face trial and defend your innocence against prosecution.


Dennis leads a double life. During the day, he is a regular, hard-working salesman. However, at night, he has a hobby of dialing up random phone numbers from a list he secretly downloaded from his company’s computer. When people pick up, Dennis presents his best growling voice and tells them he loves them and knows where they live. He likes it when they get frightened and hang up the phone, and sometimes dials the same person multiple times. His colleague, Fred, knowing Dennis’ secret hobby but feeling bad for him, gave him an unused phone to use for this purpose. Eventually, one of Dennis’ call receivers, who suffered psychiatric injury due to Dennis’ calls, traced back Dennis’ number and reported him to the police.

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