Navigating the law is tricky for people from all walks of life. Whether it is the public in need of accessible legal services, lawyers seeking right lawyers to work with, or lawyers seeking ways to develop their personal brands and get more cases. LegalClarus aims to help the general public to find the right lawyer, and to connect and create business opportunities for legal professionals.

LegalClarus is Hong Kong’s first legal needs matching P2P marketplace that:

  • Seeks to make law services more accessible and affordable – to empower both Clients and Lawyers; and
  • Creates digital marketing solution for all legal professionals.

Breaking Barriers

LegalClarus, as envisioned from part of its name “Clarus”, seeks to make the legal industry more transparent and break down the barrier of asymmetric information for the general public, making it easier to search for the best suitable lawyer, with matching expertise and fair quality of work at a reasonable cost.

In tandem, we seek to empower our lawyers via digital marketing solution. Allowing endorsements, avenues for income, online exposures, means of business development and specialisation in work they desire and are skilled in.